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Wills & Estate Planning

“At a time of emotional distress and bereavement, having made proper arrangements concerning your estate is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your loved ones.”

Wills and estates planning is ensuring that all of your financial affairs are managed effectively and that asset and estate protection is planned and put in place well in advance of your passing. Preparing a will is only one component of the wills and estate planning process. There are other issues that must be considered and taken into account in the estates planning process. These issues include asset and estate protection, proper estate management processes and tax advantages while you are still alive as well as after death.

Parke Lawyers has the knowledge and experience in wills and estate planning and have assisted many clients in wills and estate planning resulting in protection of their assets and ensuring their loved ones were left with the maximum benefits they could get after the deceased has passed away.

Some of the things to be considered in wills and estate planning.

  • Family and personal circumstances including marriage and children.
  • Financial circumstances and current assets including bank accounts, real property, business interests and business partnerships, shares, superannuation benefits and trusts.
  • Your wishes in relation to the distribution of your estate after death.
  • The circumstances of your close family members including ages, financial circumstances, medical or physical disabilities or difficulties, if any.
  • Surveying and evaluating your estate and planning proper asset protection and maintenance arrangements like insurance, business sale or transfer plans, binding nomination on superannuation funds and establishing trusts.
  • The grant of a Power of Attorney.
  • The appointment of an executor.
  • Drafting a will.

What to expect.

Our Wills and Estates Planning Lawyers will discuss and assess your family and financial circumstances with you and identify the issues that must be covered in your estate planning. We will explain, in detail, the steps and processes that need to be met to provide with maximum protection of your assets and estate. This may involve taking steps and initiating processes while you are alive in order to ensure your estate is protected and beneficiaries in your will receive what you wish to pass on to them upon your death.

Some of the matters we may discuss and plan for include:

  • Real property and mortgage, mortgage insurance components to ensure the mortgage is paid, as well as the beneficiary or beneficiaries to inherit properties.
  • Superannuation benefits and nominating the beneficiaries to payments including death benefits.
  • Business assets and partnerships and planning the sale or transfer of businesses including identifying preferences as to potential buyers.
  • Shares and the transfer of ownership of shares, but also the establishment of trusts and appointment of trustees in cases where share assets are to be passed to minors.

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